Discrimination on the Internet

Apple stop discriminationFor years in my articles and television programs, I used the name of Netizen. Netizen means a citizen of the Internet. This name is not only valid in Turkey but all over the world, it means the same thing.Internet is a cyber together and those who live there are participants in a virtual community.

This community is composed of different groups like Facebook with a population larger than that of China. Since countries, such groups are bonded to each other by definite feelings.You can see that this idea does not belong to me by just doing a search of the Internet world map on Google.

If there is such a set, for example, Apple users were a part of this community, Apple Will he have the right to have a different behavior depending on their language, religion and race? What will there be discrimination?

There are a few years back, I tried to buy a product by connecting me to the website of Tiffany Co. I have found that some prices were closed because I was in Turkey. When I contacted them to explain that I was in Turkey and I do not see some prices, they then gave me reason and apologized. The reason given was the change in costs associated with the exchange rates, deductibles, and logistics.

Today, before writing my article, I once again connected to the site and saw that prices were accessible.The price change is an understandable thing but do not provide access to such price discrimination. Nobody has the right to do that.

For example, Google searches are specific to the person, the location information can be given as desired, but the information provided after the search is the same for everyone.So far I am not aware of anyone having been injured by Google in its research for this reason.

The service Facebook is identical for everyone. It contains no discrimination. When I see the experiences of my clients whose account was hacked, Facebook is also very powerful in Turkey in terms of support. Of course I have to mention the serious work of the former General Manager of Microsoft Turkey Caglayan Arkan and his lawyer Mr. Yasin Beceni behind this performance.

But in any event, at international level, Facebook has already proven its excellence about it. However, it is not possible to say the same thing for Apple. Application stores, Apple Store, separated on the basis of location offer different services to everyone. Even without any action on the location, the fact that some applications do not work in Turkey is the apparent reason for this.

Assume that all citizens are equal and the Internet have a spirit of support and application based on location is the apparent evidence that discrimination is on language, religion and race. What is even sadder is that buyers who have produced their purchases in 2 different stores Apple Store did not have permission to share their applications via the “family” of ios8 function. Apple Store has distinguished citizens of the Internet by language, religion and race.

I do not even feel the need to mention Twitter, because the source of their discrimination is their lack of success in customer service and disorganization. Expect them to have an approach to achieve this discrimination is the senseless moment. The Turks have a beautiful expression to translate this: “Twitter should still eat 40 bread ovens before achieved”

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