Special software that board members need

Many managers can’t find the time to deal in depth with computers and technology for much of their time. Therefore, most of their needs are not expressed. Here, I wanted to gather some of these requests from product Hunt by combining them with the future I was following.
You know that site I went into the other day?
It’s not going through the digital assistant. But managers know very well that a good assistant is very difficult to find. He’ll follow you like your shadow and answer any questions you ask. He’ll never reveal your secrets … and there’s a digital equivalent to that. Digital assistants, although they care about real life and tell you the weather, the plane departure time, they never actually do the job they would do the easiest. It’s about following your digital footprints and getting them to you when you call when you ask.
It must have happened to you. You know, that site, you know, the one we looked at last, you can’t remember. When you are young, you will not find that site that your lover, your daughter at a certain age, remembers in your browser’s history.
Here’s something that I wish you would enter those sites indexing, content that keeps in mind… that’s where the services that do this started to appear, but more yenileriler. There’s really a lot of need for programs that do that.
Well, there was a two-paragraph article every. Where was he?
Sometimes when you do research you lose the source that gets into your article a paragraph or two you need. Or the source deleted that article. The date of citation is important for proof of the manuscript to the site. Or you can forget the quotes when saving up for your research. Here are several apps to block them for a long time. Academically, I use Mendeley the most. Diigo or recently very popular web services WeTransfer’nin we collect var. there are scripts written for iPhone shortcut software but not working properly. It’s all very half but there will surely be a solution to that. Probably as soon as possible.
The digital transformation of media has come down to artificial intelligence.
Many of the executives working in the media are aware of digital developments. They also want to add them to their lives with the fastest shape. Recently, when artificial intelligence and media came together, for some reason everyone’s mind goes to the servers that read the news. I think that’s the last place to use artificial intelligence. Recently, the most advertising websites in Turkey (most of them owned by media organizations) are doing the oddity of not being able to attract traffic to them. He says he won’t advertise unless there’s traffic. Of course we would love to have this wrong opinion corrected with a right, but I regret to say that; nobody’s trying to fix it. But recently, if only there was an artificial intelligence that had established relationships between the newsletters and Google’s “trending topic”and published the appropriate news, their serzenities began to rise. Let’s see when anyone can do this.

Office programs went head to head
Have you ever thought about why Excel is a much-loved program? Because it is very simple. One who knows four processes, with one or two hours of work, becomes able to make database operations. But are word processors? No… it has everything from a jumbled pile of design information, to video content, as if it were to be used to extract leaflets. So which are the most popular word processors in recent years? Bear, for example.. It’s simple, it’s far from complicated. With few design elements, it’s like the word processor of the google search engine. It’s strange that word processors get complex structures at a time when they’re designed like this at first. Even Bear is very complicated when he first came out. However, for example, I, Control V Short key for the disposal of style information, even if I did a work üşenmeyip. Like most users, I really, really want a word processor that just transfers characters, assigns all kinds of design elements.
Mail program also or mail server talking software
An email program called Spark on a Mac puts incoming mail on your to-do list and calendar. But why this is a more complicated way; don’t let your email server dwell on it. So why can’t you take notes with the mail you’ve sent to yourself and check your to-do list and calendar? In the meantime, this e-mail server to keep your incoming messages by taking people to the center. Twitter, which it also reaches with APIs, also gets facebook contacts. How cool would it be?
Best ending: Abnormal
The life of the managers is mostly through normalizing situations that do not go normally. This is sometimes warehouse, sometimes marketing crisis, sometimes human resources. So a manager is mostly focused on abnormal situations. If there was a program and it only informed you of these abnormalities. From strange weather anomalies that have changed anywhere in the world, to the unadulterated rises or falls of a currency, to oddities in sales reports to oddities in ratings reports. Even if we don’t see that program at all, he just sends the alarms.

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