New revenue source to cut penalties on tech companies And I think is not a bad thing.

Last week the FTC (United States Federal Trade Commission) First fined YouTube around 1 billion USD for collecting information on children under 18 through its Youtube Kids service, then Facebook $ 5 billion for failing to prevent the theft of information it collects. In total, it comes to $ 10 billion in one week. If you try to collect this from the citizenry, it will take the time of the world. For example, if you try to collect this money from China for $ 7.5 through e-imports of $ 5-10, 7-8 billion makes the order. The stone you throw is not worth the frog you spook. Know what I mean?
So what I’m saying is that technology companies are a very valuable revenue gate for the state. But of course we need to grow and develop them first. Passersby also published a study in America. I won’t be interested in the details, but the title is “10 percent of American citizens who are not connected to the Internet” and the comment in the sequel is very interesting. “How how this people live?” they say.
In Turkey, we are dealing with people who call the internet the devil invention and social media the mother of evil. I call them the sun-fearing natives. ). When we talked about the internet in 1991, I describe it as opportunity, necessity in the 2000s, possibility that escaped in 2010, now the threat that its absence would lead to extinction. But I still can’t react when I say Jeff Bezos, owner of Amazon, in the Chamber of Commerce in Gaziantep. However, Jeff Bezos is a businessman who does what the business people in the Gaziantep Chamber of Commerce do and whose company is worth $ 1 trillion! But when it comes to issues like Google doesn’t tax, it gets ads, and everyone else gets hawkish. Many people who have read the site blocking is behind the fact that they do not pay taxes. I’m leaving aside the hidden purpose here and the incident in the wikipedia special to talk about. But this blocking strategy is wrong. See Uber from Turkey for this reason,, PayPal is gone. Airbnb is moribund.
Uber has faced state-imposed fines for its passengers and drivers. In the end, Uber couldn’t bear the pressures either. However, if the Ministry of Transport had carried out the work pay penalty approach instead of the strategy of expelling you, and had cut the penalty to the company rather than the citizen, would that have been the case? Looking at these blockages, the aim seems to be to beat the vineyard, not to eat grapes, and if you beat the first entrants into a sector, the grape food sector will not stay.
Since I became president of IPTV Association, RTÜK came to work on regulations in OTT TV sector. We had a great workshop at Yeditepe University. RTUK then adapted to our decision not to squeeze the sector where Netflix does not exist with regulations. Now this has created a sector from a Netflix, albeit a small one, to its BluTV. Closing, downsizing only harms us in this age.
Google, Huawei, I think the event, a software (operating system), I think told how important it is. For years, we have seen in front of us what Dogan, the president of the software Industrialists Association, told us. Why software is an industry, what we lost by losing Pardus I’m sure all of us passed out of our sight like a storyboard. And this is not a recent incident in military circles. In fact, the main purpose of National Military Production should be software. Develop the hardware you want without it is useless.
What should we do?
I told you to keep Wikipedia separate because it’s a matter of culture. If Turkey does not produce content on Wikipedia, Turkish will be very damaged. Opening Wikipedia’s block, however, is not the solution to the problem. I think the TDK and the Ministry of culture should be involved in this case. Our goal is not to turn Wikipedia off or on, but to prevent Turkish content from remaining in the hands of moderators who delete the content in 10 seconds. Don’t be misunderstood, This is not a government job.
But booking, Uber and PayPal’s entry into Turkey is necessarily important in terms of diversity. Diversity doesn’t happen by firing one country’s companies and bringing in others. Again, monopoly and the dominant position in the market becomes companies.
Speaking of the dominant position in the market, it is important to remember that YouTube, which is the dominant position in Turkey in the video market, launched Youtube Music in Turkey last week. I’m sure the Competition Authority has realized that Turkcell is in a position to undermine the application of Fizy and many small initiatives in that sector. They definitely need to study that. Similarly, it is important to note that Microsoft has received severe punishment from the European Union for blocking the development of browsers other than Internet Explorer by using Windows ‘ dominant position in the market.
You know the world is changing. Although the industry does not hold 4.0, digital conversion is driving with all its speed. In this new world, we must not forget that companies, institutions and concepts will constantly change. It is necessary to be a follower of this change and to adapt. Isn’t that intelligence?

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