What the post-Corona world will be like

Although there was no full news about the vaccine and the drug, we started to dream of our old life, which would not be the same anymore. Nothing will ever be the same again, perhaps we will soon experience a near-normalisation of the old order, but soon there will be radical changes.
The changes that the IT industry has long talked about have had a Corona catalyst effect. Everything will happen much faster. For example, Noah Harari’s sense of trust in the foundation of civilization will no longer develop in the arbitration of certain institutions. Now blockchain technology will replace these institutions very quickly. Artificial intelligence, too, will now pick up the back of humanity without stopping. Digital transformation will be among the standard operations of institutions and will be linked to administrative jobs rather than departments such as R & D. Robots will soon become part of life. Human contact with human is likely to be terminated, except for emotional purposes. As a result of the lessons learned from the experience, apart from creating quarantine zones in our homes, houses without shoe removal (no entry) will lose their value. It will no longer be designed. Our cars will have filters that block viruses, parasites, bacteria and chemicals.
The habit of going out for work and being in traffic will disappear completely. We will now do the shopping regularly and mostly online. As living in homes increases, changing plans will give new shapes to homes first to cities and then to green yesilities. Those living in the current big cities will be reduced. Village life will become more widespread. The Greens will rise.
Faster communication instead of more technology, we will talk about more appropriate technology. New technologies will not enter our lives without talking about living things and their suitability for social life. It will be tested for a long time, like drugs. Sometimes he won’t get approval, he’ll disappear.
Space technology is going to come into our lives a lot more. We’ll start using the internet specifically.
We’ll have more motivation to solve our pre-Corona problems. We’ll be thinking more about climate change. We will enter the race to produce solutions in the fields of afforestation, agriculture. The bill will no longer be in our lives. The money will only be a figure. In this way, the income gap will be eliminated both nationally and internationally. Basic income (universal basic income) will be applied to nations in a short time and the whole world in a long time. International institutions such as the UN, the WHO will be free from the influence of the states.
The power will be “super-empowered citizens” (i.e. individuals equipped with superpowers), as Thomas Friedman from institutions States. The power and powers of local governments will increase.
Our consumption habits will also change. We’ll have more boutique lives and pleasures. When we go out of our homes less, it will be because of social and cultural needs, rather than jobs and tasks. While we devote less of our time to work and our tasks, we will have more social time.
The structure of our homes will also change. The houses will be designed to live or even work rather than meet needs. So we’ll have bigger movie rooms, teleconference spaces.
We will see the same change in our digital lives. First, confidence in the cloud will diminish. We will take care to keep our data in our homes. We will store our private digital data in digital safes, such as money safes. Our computers will use new programs to quarantine the special software will be. In this way, software such as zoom will not be able to access our information while running on our computer.
Decentralization in all areas
After the digital transformation, the most important issue will be decentralized structures. We all saw how much damage these central structures did to us during the pandemic. Hospitals set up to share services have also become a hotbed of viruses. Decentralized, distributed structures will be formed in all areas, especially health. This structure, which has leapt into almost every area since the early days of the web, also produces very accurate platforms for the total to survive. After it and finance, we will see more of these structures in health, politics and even in the energy sector. In fact, I think it would sum up all of this to say that our post-corona life will not be central.

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